Faculties of the department of are listed below:

Dr. Muhammad Nazrul Islam
Name :  Dr. Muhammad Nazrul Islam
Designation :  Professor
Contact No : 01711362652
Email : islambau@gmail.com

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Research Interest:   Disaster coping strategies
Dr. Masuma  Habib
Name :  Dr. Masuma Habib
Designation :  Professor
Contact No : +88-01711248820
Email : sm1997m@yahoo.co.uk

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Research Interest:    1. Training 2. Higher Education 3. Faculty Development 4. Outcome Based Education 5. Assessment 6. Scientific Report Writing 6. Animal Science 7. Animal Nutrition.
Mr. A. K. M. Rafiqul  Islam
Name :  Mr. A. K. M. Rafiqul Islam
Designation :  Professor
Contact No : 01718245048
Email : akmri2003@yahoo.com

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Dr. Md. Mojammel Haque
Name :  Dr. Md. Mojammel Haque
Designation :  Professor
Contact No : 01716798023
Email : mmh.gti@bau.edu.bd

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Research Interest:    Farming system research and environmental studies; fisheries economics; livestock economics; agricultural marketing and value chain; gender role and women empowerment. Training, Teaching-Learning Approaches.
Dr. Bentul  Mawa
Name :  Dr. Bentul Mawa (Professor)
Designation :  Professor
Contact No : 01760741977
Email : b.mawa@bau.edu.bd

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Research Interest:    Gender and (in) equalities in work, Gender relations, Employment relations, Human Resources & Personnel Management, Public Administration, Higher Education, Assessment in Higher Education
Mr. Golam  Mohammod Mostakim
Name :  Mr. Golam Mohammod Mostakim
Designation :  Assistant Professor
Contact No : 01911550092
Email : mostakim_ujjal@bau.edu.bd

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Mrs. Sumaiya  Farzana
Name :  Mrs. Sumaiya Farzana (Assistant Professor )
Designation :  Lecturer
Contact No : 01682152427
Email : suma-gti173@bau.edu.bd

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